Friday, February 15, 2008

To etsy or not?

So I have been trying to work on more things for etsy. I don't have a dedicated sewing space/room. That means when I want to work on something, I unload my stuff from the closet and take over the kitchen table and island with my stuff.

I made these test bags, and Cassie and Maggie claimed them. I just don't know how they might do. There are a ton of bags on etsy. They stand about 6 inches tall. The pink is maybe 3 inches deep. The purple is about the same height, but closer to 4 inches deep. I think the pink one came out very cute though. The purple one is a bit bigger, more basket like than bag like.

I could have done the handle better. I used scrap fabric for this purple bag. If I do put any on etsy, they will be 'perfect'.

The pink bag outer fabric has embroidered butterflies on it ( I bought the fabric that way) The lining is fabric from my scrap bag. I did outfits for the girls with it and love it. The handle on this one has grosgrain ribbon on top, which I thought was cute. Though since my photog skills are lacking, you cant really see it in the picture...

So, more things to work on. Maybe I can get a better system. Cut a bunch of stuff first, and then have a big sewing day. Then work on pictures to list them.


boo said...

i think they are cute! i would put them on

Dawn said...

I love the pink butterfly bag! :) It's so cute!

Leia said...

I'd sell them! I think anyone with a young daughter or niece would adore them!