Monday, January 21, 2008

Mini rant

So, now that I have the Etsy shop, Lino keeps reminding me to be careful when I post on boards, especially when the post is a countering opinion. With that in mind, I am biting my tongue and ranting here.

Why is it that people think that if girls like something not normally considered 'girly' it must be because they have brothers?!? That is so not the case. And anytime I see something to that effect, it seriously makes me want to shake the monitor and say "No, girls can like 'non girly' things completely on their own!"

Maggie has always, always, loved dinosaurs, snakes, lizards, pirates and knights, and computer/video games, and watching Ninja Warrior and How its Made with Lino, the list goes on. Always. She also loves princesses and arts and crafts, too.

That being said, she has always liked these things and...she doesn't have an older brother! gasp! And, Nate's arrival didn't impact her likes, he is nearly 3 years younger!!!

If anything, the girls are heavily influencing Nate, as evidenced by the fact that he has no problem walking around the house with sparkly earrings and shoes on, in grass skirts holding something pink.

And, since I am ranting, why do people think it is too 'girly' for boys to have baby dolls, and kitchen sets? Men have babies, and some of the best chefs are men (Lino included)

Seriously, I see posts with those kinds of things, and it makes me crazy. But, now that I have a shop, I have to be careful when I express myself. And, the person/people that make those statements will probably never get it.....

argh...rant done (I think)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Train kept a rollin! 18-0!!!

AFC Divsion Champions!!!! On to Arizona! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Nate!

Our little man turns 2 today! He is such a joy and we are very blessed to have him in our family. He loves having fun. He thinks Maggie and Cassie are the greatest! His vocabulary is amazing, I think having 2 older sisters was a big difference. He is getting more clear with the words he says, too. He can count to 5 without any help, he sings songs (his favorite is the Candy Corn song by Moose A. Moose) he laughs at the jokes the girls tell. He is a really good jumper, and is starting to use crayons and markers more.


One month old:

Nine months:

One year old:

We are going to attempt to get his 2 year picture tomorrow. We'll see how that goes.

Friday, January 11, 2008


I call the rocking chair in Nate's room my thinking chair. It sometimes takes him a while to fall asleep, and I get a lot of thinking time (if I don't fall asleep, too!)

The night before last, he was taking a long time to get to sleep. As he was nursing I was thinking about my mom and my aunt. I miss them so very much. Lots of memories, lots of 'I wish'.

Well, all of a sudden, in the midst of this, Nate stopped nursing and sat up in my lap so he was looking right at me. He stared at me with his big eyes open wide, for at least a minute and a half. Then snuggled back down and started nursing again.

It was strange, yet comforting in a way. Hard to describe.

In this picture he had just finished some cinnamon toast. " I like it, Mama, I like it"