Monday, January 21, 2008

Mini rant

So, now that I have the Etsy shop, Lino keeps reminding me to be careful when I post on boards, especially when the post is a countering opinion. With that in mind, I am biting my tongue and ranting here.

Why is it that people think that if girls like something not normally considered 'girly' it must be because they have brothers?!? That is so not the case. And anytime I see something to that effect, it seriously makes me want to shake the monitor and say "No, girls can like 'non girly' things completely on their own!"

Maggie has always, always, loved dinosaurs, snakes, lizards, pirates and knights, and computer/video games, and watching Ninja Warrior and How its Made with Lino, the list goes on. Always. She also loves princesses and arts and crafts, too.

That being said, she has always liked these things and...she doesn't have an older brother! gasp! And, Nate's arrival didn't impact her likes, he is nearly 3 years younger!!!

If anything, the girls are heavily influencing Nate, as evidenced by the fact that he has no problem walking around the house with sparkly earrings and shoes on, in grass skirts holding something pink.

And, since I am ranting, why do people think it is too 'girly' for boys to have baby dolls, and kitchen sets? Men have babies, and some of the best chefs are men (Lino included)

Seriously, I see posts with those kinds of things, and it makes me crazy. But, now that I have a shop, I have to be careful when I express myself. And, the person/people that make those statements will probably never get it.....

argh...rant done (I think)


Leia said...

Nope they'll never get it. A former daycare dad here used to grab a doll from his son's hands and scold him for playing with "girl things" when he'd pick him up. Made me furious. I let the kids play with whatever they want to! That's how they learn!!

This is why we have sexism....

Melissa said...

Sorry-my DH is one of those (I believe I posted about it on BBC) that didn't really like Trey having a doll or a kitchen set. I attribute it a LOT to his father growing up. He didn't have a mom around and his dad was very against boys having "feminine" toys. But Gus has gotten sooooo much better about it now that he sees his boys enjoy the kitchen set. Hopefully we're helping change this by letting our boys know it's okay and they'll be the same when they're fathers.

Jeannie said...

Melissa, this wasn't directed at you! It was just a thread I read that had the perception, and the person just always takes the position that if a girl likes "boy" things, it is only because they have a brother. It truly drives me batty! It isn't the case at all.

I think men of our fathers' era had totally different attitudes, so it is a process trying to change that...I have really had to work at getting Lino to be okay with Nate wearing sparkly earrings and shoes, etc.