Friday, January 11, 2008


I call the rocking chair in Nate's room my thinking chair. It sometimes takes him a while to fall asleep, and I get a lot of thinking time (if I don't fall asleep, too!)

The night before last, he was taking a long time to get to sleep. As he was nursing I was thinking about my mom and my aunt. I miss them so very much. Lots of memories, lots of 'I wish'.

Well, all of a sudden, in the midst of this, Nate stopped nursing and sat up in my lap so he was looking right at me. He stared at me with his big eyes open wide, for at least a minute and a half. Then snuggled back down and started nursing again.

It was strange, yet comforting in a way. Hard to describe.

In this picture he had just finished some cinnamon toast. " I like it, Mama, I like it"

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Leia said...

That's really neat Jeannie. I like stories like that :)