Monday, March 30, 2009

Shred, Sewing, and Seriously???

Well, Day 8 of Shred, and it isn't as hard as the first few days. Yesterday we went shopping to get proper sneakers and hand weights. I haven't had real sneakers in years, just basic Keds, and that is like being barefoot to work out. Since I didn't have weights when I started, I was using 2 1 1/2 liter bottles filled with water, and those were about 2 1/2 pounds each. I got 3 pound weights, and that was definitely better.

I am excited that I am noticing a difference on the scale. This morning I was at 150. Yay. That is 16 pounds lost since December. Admittedly, 10 of that happened when Nate stopped nursing and I was sick for a month and didn't really eat. Weight loss is loss, though, so yay. I am shooting for 130-135, and if I can start eating better, it may happen.

Sewing: I have the patterns that I need all traced and cut out. I am going to start cutting all the fabric today, and hope to start sewing mid week. I am excited, the fabric is cheery and bright. I will try to remember to take pictures as I go.


Seriously??!? A couple of weeks ago, Lino's car died. It had been giving him problems, but the mechanic said it should be fine. He was on his way to work in the morning, and luckily not that far away when it died. He was able to make it home and we managed to get it back to the mechanic. The diagnosis: transmission shot. All of the possible scenarios to fix it are expensive. Replace gskets and hope the head isn't cracked, get a rebuilt trans. or a new one.

We are fortunate that he was able to use his mom's car while his was at the shop. And, his parents bought a new car, so we could use their old one until we figure out what we were going to do.

Lino was on his way home from work on Saturday, when all of the wheels locked up. Luckily, he wasn't on the highway (he said he probably would have been killed) and he was in front of a brake place. They look at it and say, it's done. Cracked head mounts. And because it is as old as it is (a 1990) it really isn't worth fixing.

Seriously?!? 2 cars in 2 weeks? Who put a hex on us? Can it please be lifted? And, the car is 30 miles away, and our AAA membership lapsed (I never got a renewal notice), so that means we can't upgrade our membership to get free towing..... I am going to try calling and plead with them, we have been members for 5 years.

It needs to get better....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More fabric, a fun idea and fear leaving the body...

I went back to the fabric store last night to get more of what I needed so I can start the girls' things. I came across the most adorable little bundle of fat quarters. (A fat quarter is 1/4 yard of fabric, but instead of being cut straight across from the bolt, which would be 9" x the width of the fabric, it is cut in an 18"x22" rectangle. Quilters use them a lot.) Anyhow, I don't know why I had to have this little bundle, I am not a huge fan of cows or anything, and I have never tried quilting, but I just thought it was so adorable. Five fabrics, the one on the left is black with tiny white polka dots, the faded stripe, cow print, pink gingham and the cows. Isn't it cute?? Now I just need to figure out what to do with it. Maybe I will try a quilt, who knows. (I did have a coupon, so I got it for half off, that makes it better.)

I also decided on a color for another skirt for me. (the one on the left) I am going to do another of the floor length tiered skirts (after the other stuff is done). It is a gauzy fabric, with a silver sparkle thread running through it. Hopefully it will turn out fun. As I was adding that fabric to the other new fabric, I realized that it coordinates very nicely with some fabric I just bought for Maggie and Cassie. That is when inspiration hit me! There were other fabrics in the same shades of blue that would be more appropriate for Nate. I am going to get some and do shirts for Nate and Lino, so we can do an updated Von Trapp photo! Won't that be fun? A white shirt for my skirt, and the shirts and khaki shorts for Lino and Nate and the girls' dresses? I am excited, and luckily Lino is willing to humor me. I will definitely post updates to that. (wait until I tell him, unless he reads it here today at work!)

Here is the Von Trapp photo. Nate was about 9 months, so the girls were 3 1/2.

As for fear leaving the body, I am on Day 2 of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred video. (That is one of the things she tells you about the burning pain you feel when you are doing the exercises, that it is fear leaving the body...) I am sooo out of shape, however, today's was a smidge easier than Day 1. I am not a huge fan of exercise. I don't have the patience for it. If I do crunches, I want immediate results, and that doesn't happen. I am determined, though, to finally lose the baby weight (although, can it really be called that now that the girls are 6 and Nate is 3?)

I think it would be divine if I could get down to what I was when Lino and I got married (125) but I would be happy with 130-135. I checked today and I am ::gulp:: 156. Yikes. Although, I have lost 10 pounds since Nate stopped nursing, and I really want to do this. I am not happy with being 156, so I will force myself to do this, every day.

So, there it is. It is out there, giving me more inspiration to follow through. I don't want you all to see me fail. I don't think I am brave enough for before pictures, but I did take measurements. I just hope to start seeing results soon.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fun fabric!

I bought some new fabrics the other day. I didn't have a set plan for them, I just thought they would make cute things. I sat down with my patterns the other night to figure out what I will make....I need to get more of some of it. I can't wait to start sewing it all! I think I am going to do it all in stages: trace and cut all the patterns, cut all the fabric, then sew it all. It is going to be dresses and shirts and shorts for Maggie and Cassie. I am keeping my eyes out for cute shirt fabric for Nate. (He is too big for jon jons now :( .... I love jon jons on little boys! )

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Party Pictures

We always have cupcakes on the kids' actual birthday, and I do a bigger cake for their party. I finally got to try out my giant cupcake pan. It is so fun!

I just love how excited the girls get when we sing Happy Birthday. Their eyes just sparkle.

We got Maggie and Cassie scooters. They were very excited! They have had fun practicing zooming up and down the hallway. Maggie only slowed down for one picture.

Cassie happily posed for pictures.

I don't know where this pose came from, but I think we are in for it when the girls are teenagers...

Nate also had fun chasing the girls with his truck.

Cassie wanted a pink princess cake again, and Maggie wanted a dinosaur.

And the aftermath. We decided to color the cake mix this year, green for Maggie and pink for Cassie.

They had fun, which is good. Now we just need the weather to get a bit warmer so we can scooter outside.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Wow, time goes by in a blink! It seems as though just yesterday Maggie and Cassie were born, and today they are 6.

We are so very blessed, they are such good girls. It has been so much fun watching them grow and turn into little people.

Happy Birthday my beautiful girls!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mostly pictures

Things have been busy. I have been trying to get the house organized from being sick, the kids have all been sick (our first ear infections ever) and just stuff going on. Here are some pictures (I finally emptied the camera!) I need to get my sewing area organized, so that I can create....I haven't sewn since Christmas time :(

From Valentines Day. I copied Delphina's hairstyle. The girls loved it!

This is what happens when Maggie won't play dress up with Cassie. Luckily, Nate didn't mind too much. (Lino just shakes his head)

The tooth fairy has been to our house 4 times in about the last 2 1/2 weeks. Cassie lost one on the bottom, then the top front left tooth a couple of days later. About a week after that, one of Maggie's bottom teeth came out. Then two days later another on the bottom came out too! They are seeming like such big kids now... ::sniff:: Cassie, with her new smile:

Yesterday the kids all wanted some temporary tattoos put on. The girls thought that Nate looked 'like a grown up' with his. Lino had him do some "tough guy" poses.

Yeah, big tough guy.....

Lino had stopped at Whole Foods on his way home from work one night. He got two loaves of incredible bread. One was for sandwiches, the other was a garlic bread (so yummy). He made a sandwich, which he thought was a perfect one....

It was huge!

That is it for now. Gearing up for Maggie's and Cassie's birthday. Still trying to decide if I am brave enough to invite the class over for cake and icecream....Maybe towards the end of the month.