Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mostly pictures

Things have been busy. I have been trying to get the house organized from being sick, the kids have all been sick (our first ear infections ever) and just stuff going on. Here are some pictures (I finally emptied the camera!) I need to get my sewing area organized, so that I can create....I haven't sewn since Christmas time :(

From Valentines Day. I copied Delphina's hairstyle. The girls loved it!

This is what happens when Maggie won't play dress up with Cassie. Luckily, Nate didn't mind too much. (Lino just shakes his head)

The tooth fairy has been to our house 4 times in about the last 2 1/2 weeks. Cassie lost one on the bottom, then the top front left tooth a couple of days later. About a week after that, one of Maggie's bottom teeth came out. Then two days later another on the bottom came out too! They are seeming like such big kids now... ::sniff:: Cassie, with her new smile:

Yesterday the kids all wanted some temporary tattoos put on. The girls thought that Nate looked 'like a grown up' with his. Lino had him do some "tough guy" poses.

Yeah, big tough guy.....

Lino had stopped at Whole Foods on his way home from work one night. He got two loaves of incredible bread. One was for sandwiches, the other was a garlic bread (so yummy). He made a sandwich, which he thought was a perfect one....

It was huge!

That is it for now. Gearing up for Maggie's and Cassie's birthday. Still trying to decide if I am brave enough to invite the class over for cake and icecream....Maybe towards the end of the month.


Lanny said...

I love seeing pictures of your children!

Lol at the tough guy pics. Too cute!

Losing teeth makes our kids seem so grown up to me. Sniff.

Leia said...

Fantastic job on that heart! It must have been fun to do with long hair! *sniff* :)

I can't believe how many teeth Maggie has lost - Delphina's are just teasing her...poor kid!

Love your little bad boy - he's just too sweet to pull that off!

Great samich Lino! I've never used bread like that for samiches, so I may have to try it. Looks nummy!

Dawn said...

That's one tasty looking sandwich. He should be proud!

I love Nate's tattoo, too!

The girls look so cute, and Cassie looks great in her glasses!

Emily said...

The tough guy pictures are CRACK UP!!!!!!