Tuesday, March 18, 2008


We took the kids to get pictures taken yesterday, and it went better than I had expected! I knew that Maggie and Cassie would do fine, and that their pictures would turn out nice. I wasn't too hopeful that we could get Nate to do his 2 year picture (we had tried once with no luck).

When we got to the studio, Nate looked a bit unsure when he saw the photographer with her camera. We told him that it was just the girls getting their pictures, not him. After a bit, he warmed up enough that he wasn't on my lap and started to play with a bucket of blocks.
So, Lino told Nate that he had to move with his blocks (over to where the girls were) because the girls were going to take pics where he had been playing. The photographer was super, and pretended to take pics of the girls while Nate was playing. Then, she started taking his picture.

It worked!!! A couple of times he looked a bit suspicious, but we actually got quite a few nice ones of him alone, and he was even okay to having the girls take their picture with him, so we have an updated one of all 3!!! (of course, he has an M&M in his hand for it, but hey, bribery is okay sometimes!)

I am just so pleased! It took us a long time to pick out the pictures. The girl was very patient with us while we narrowed down our choices: one of just Maggie, just Cassie, just Nate, one of Maggie and Cassie, and the one of all 3! (and there are still 3 more that I would love to go back and get) I am so excited, though, that Nate fell for our trick!!

I didn't fuss with Nate's hair too much, because I didn't want him to get really mad. It is really long in front, and I am going to attempt to cut his bangs soon. Lino is okay with keeping it longer in the back, his curls are just so sweet, but it gets in his eyes, and that isn't good (even though he has no problem wearing the girls' clippies! )

So, yay for good picture day!!


Leia said...

Can I just say that Cassie looks SO much like you, and Maggies looks SO much like Lino! Am I wrong? And Nate is just the perfect mix. Gosh you have some cuties! Great photos!!!

boo said...

they all look so cute!!!!!!! 'i love nate's hair and how great is that lino is OK with you leaving it long! !:D