Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday fun

The butterflies have all emerged! Isn't it exciting? The first three had emerged yesterday morning, and then the last 2 this morning. Luckily the only surviving rose bush in our yard still had some blooms, so I went and snipped 3 to put in. (Of course, I had to shake them really well, there was a spider and another big bug on them....I wasn't going to willingly bring them inside!)

It is really hard to take pictures through the mesh and the plastic. In this one, one of the butterflies was checking out the flowers (which we sprinkled with sugar water). Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet? Now you do.

After watching the butterflies for a bit, we went to a graduation party for 2 of the younger cousins. (I still can't believe how big they are all we have the younger cousins!) The above shot is from a game of musical chairs (organized by the big kids- who all made sure to let the little ones play)

After we got home. I wanted a picture of me in the skirt I made (for the record, I love it. It is exactly how I wanted it to be. I am very pleased with how it turned out. ) You can also see some progress on the house painting project, the ballisters on the railings are done in the shutter color. I just have to do a final sanding on the shutters so they can get painted.

The best of the pictures of the three. The dresses look really cute on the Maggie and Cassie. They were still able to run and play at the party even though they were in a dress. I thought Nate looked cute in his Hawaiian shirt and it kind of went with what the girls were in.


Melissa said...

I used to love to do butterflies with my classes when i taught. We'll definitely have to get some next year when we do a butterfly study with Ethan.

Love the dresses and skirt-good job!!

Leia said...

Adorable dresses! I love the vibrant colors! Pretty skirt you have too - Nate fit right in. Looks like you all could have gone to a luau!

Welcome young butterfly friends! :)

boo said...

oh you look so cute!!