Friday, August 29, 2008

Successful first week of school!

Maggie and Cassie are having a very good time at school. The first day went well, I didn't cry like I thought I would (I didn't want to upset them, so held it in)

We told Nate that we would take him to the donut shop after we saw the girls get settled. He was totally fine. Donuts make everything better.

We drove to the bus stop the first day. Lino, Nate and I drove up to the school to see them settled in. I nearly lost it when they told me they aren't babies anymore. Sniff. They will always be my babies.

Getting on the bus:

Lockers for their stuff:

Coming home!!!!! I was so excited to see them. There was just a slight small glitch with drop off, but Lino called the bus company to clarify things and it is taken care of now.

So, we all did fine. Maggie had a bit of a sad the first day, but the teacher helped her through it. It is a huge adjustment for all of us, but a good one!


Leia said...

Donuts DO make everything better :)

Glad they had a great first week! I'm so happy they are adjusting well.

Did you ask the teacher to call them by their full names? We did, because we don't want Delphina's name shortened all the time, kwim? Just wondered!

Dawn said...

They look so excited! :) Hope you're settling in to having just one at home during the day--it's a little weird having only two here after a summer with five!