Friday, August 22, 2008

Tooth fairy and random stuff

Maggie lost her 2nd tooth the other day. (On the bottom, center right) Her big girl tooth had popped up behind it, just like the first lost tooth. It was starting to get really wiggly and when I checked it on Wednesday, it pulled right out! She was so excited.

The tooth fairy leaves small prizes, instead of money. Isn't it amazing that the tooth fairy brought her new purple playdoh, just like she wanted? Such a smart tooth fairy.

The Kindergarten playdate went well. Maggie and Cassie had a great time playing with the other kids. Nate had fun climbing. Cassie was super excited to see the friend that we know there. They played really well together.

At one point, I was walking around the play structure to help Nate, and I hear a boy "He won't be my friend" The mom responds with, "Let go of him, he'll be your friend". The bigger boy had the other kid in a headlock! Mom didn't seem terribly concerned. I think he (bigger boy) is in the morning session with Maggie and Cassie. I certainly hope he calms down in school....

Maggie and a little boy played together quite a bit. When we got home, Maggie and Lino were walking down the hallway, and all of a sudden Lino says "WHAT??!" Apparently the little boy told Maggie that she was his girlfriend, and when they get bigger they have to be mean to each other. Oy.

My girls have no idea about boyfriends/girlfriends, so I just told her that yes, she was his friend and she is a girl.

Lino is ready to start a D.A.D.D's club. Dad's Against Daughter's Dating. He thinks that the dads' could register the boys, after they pass a regimen of tests and things, and then they would be allowed to date the daughters.


I have been staying up way too late, trying to watch the Olympics. I had to read about the mens beach volleyball this morning. I just couldn't watch the end, I was so sleepy.

I was so excited for Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor. They looked awesome. They haven't lost a match in over a year! Can you imagine? How come at career day in High School, noone talked about Beach Volleyball? I would have loved that.

Football season starts soon. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any preseason games due to the Olympics.

::sarcasm ahead::

I love how the NFL seems to have forgotten and banished the Patriots from primetime opening weekend games. They went the entire season winning, and sure, they lost the Superbowl, but they still were amazing. I am pretty sure that the NFL saw some increased ratings as people tuned in to watch the Pats. They aren't in any of the Primtime slots. Really? Your wonder team suddenly isn't good enough? Come on.

So less than a week to go. Maggie and Cassie are very excited to start. I asked that they be in the same class. Between the allergy and never having been separated, I thought it would be better.

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Leia said...

I'm happy they are staying together. Sisters need to tag team each other!

Congrats on all the missing teeth - Delphina is quite anxious to lose that first tooth! How early did the girls get their first teeth? Dee started at 4 1/2 months....should be soon huh?

Delphina has no expectations over what the tooth fairy might bring her, but she can't wait to find out!