Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Party pictures!

After telling us for weeks that he wanted a Thomas the Train cake, Nate changed his mind when he saw the Stickers pan at the frosting store. I was fine with that, it was actually easier to do! The sheet cake is vanilla, the Stickers is chocolate. Buttercream frosting. I can make frosting, but with his party and the girls' party coming up, I bought it. In a 5 gallon bucket. Seriously, 28 pounds of yummy goodness....it tastes good and is so much less work.

Everyone was excited for cake and ice cream....

My dad. We couldn't find any party hats with Stickers. Nate was happy with the Ernie and Elmo ones.

I am pretty sure he is saying "Yes, way" in this picture. I don't know where he picked it up from, but it was pretty cute and he kept saying it all day.

My mother in law knit him a sweater and matching hat. I thought she used her knitting machine for it, but Lino said that he hasn't set that up yet, she did it by hand. I was amazed, the rows are all so neat and uniform. I would love to learn how to knit someday...
So, that is it. The kids had fun. Nate got some of the noisiest toys I have ever heard, which my dad thinks is funny.


Leia said...

First of all, your dad is adorable - what a good sport!

Second - WOW on the sweater/hat set. I can barely stand the amount of time it takes to do a scarf. What a wonderful gift! I still have several crocheted sweaters that my great aunt made me when I was young - and someday my girls will be able to wear them! :)

Melissa said...

Holy cow, that's a big cake! I didn't realize how big it was until I saw it beside Nate! It's so cute!

And I LOVE the hat and sweater set! Such a good picture taking outfit! I can picture him meandering through the forest in his matching set! lol! Very, very pretty.

Lanny said...

Your whole family is so cute!
Love the sweater set!
The cake is amazing. Lol at the bucket of icing. I'm afraid I'd sneak a spoon every now and then.