Friday, January 30, 2009

Thoughts from Thursday...

We had an eventful day yesterday. There is a father-daughter dance next Friday, so we had to go shopping for that. We found some very pretty dresses for Maggie and Cassie. We looked at a few different stores, and I was happy that the store we found them at had them for half of the retail price at another store. I do love a bargain. I wanted to make them their dresses, but having been sick all that time put a damper on that. I probably could finish in time, but I don't want to get all stressed trying to do so. The dresses are like what I would have made, though. They are very pretty, one in purple, one in pink. (It pains me, though, I could have made both dresses for the price of one....) Lino found a sportcoat that coordinates nicely. We just need to find a shirt and maybe a tie, too.

We were at the mall checking out other stores for dresses and shoes and decided to go into the pet store. The kids like to see the puppies and birds and reptiles and things. Now, this particular pet store irritates me, because every time we go in, the employees never acknowledge that we are there. Ever. No hello, goodbye, anything. And they don't greet anyone else, either. Just horrible customer service.

While we were there, they let one of the boxer puppies out of its cage. The puppy was, of course, very excited to be out and was running around, jumping on everyone. Well, my kids aren't dog people. At All. The puppy started jumping on Cassie, who started to cry and scream (she was scared). She got scratched. Nate started crying, too and Maggie would have had the dog been there any longer. I kind of moved the dog away and an employee came to get it.

We got Cassie calmed down, explaining that the puppy was just excited to see kids and just wanted to play. Not one of the three employees who were standing near us offered her a reassuring word. Not even a simple "Are you okay?" to try and make her feel better.

It made me mad. At least acknowledge her. Yes, we went into the pet store, however, you don't go in thinking you are going to get jumped on by the animals.

After we left the mall, we headed to Joanns so I could run in for a quick thing. When I got out, Lino was parked and had the back of the van opened. Getting the spare tire. Fun times, flat tires. Not.

Of course, it wasn't as simple as just changing the tire. Our lug nut wrench thing was useless. Lino walked over to Lowes, they don't sell them. Great. He calls his Mom, to have her call his Dad. They come with more wrenches. They have one that fits, great! It breaks. The three of them drive off to Autozone. I am doing my best to entertain three hungry,tired, hungry, bored, hungry children. Did I mention they were hungry? Thank goodness for M&Ms. I found three little Halloween sized packs in the diaper bag. So they had M-ies while we played silly games.

Finally the tire situation is resolved and we continue on our day. Picked up the dresses and sport coat at the first (and much cheaper) store. Get the other pair of shoes. Go to the school to pick up a fundraiser thing we ordered. And eat.

We did discover a new yummy restaurant that has really nice sized kids portions. That alone will have us go back! The food was good, too.

So. Here is hoping for a less eventful weekend.....


Leia said...

That made me tired! What a rough day! And too bad about the pet store - you think they'd be watching out for the best interest of the customers AND the little puppies...

Lanny said...

Oh my goodness! What a day! The customer service at that pet store is sickening. It's bad enough not to acknowledge a potential customer, but to not check on a child? Not offer comfort? Sick!
Ugh to the tire and everything that went along with trying to fix it.

I hope you have a mellow weekend!