Monday, February 9, 2009

Dance Fever

Maggie, Cassie and Lino had a super time at the Father-Daughter Dance. (Nate was excited for the girls, but also didn't want them to go) Lino said the food was good and the girls actually ate. I had called the caterer to check if it would be safe for Cassie, and it was, except for the desserts. Additionally, one of the PTO board members gave Lino the labels that the caterer brought with him. It is so nice to know that other people get it, and help to look out for Cassie's safety.
Lino said that the dance floor was just filled with screaming girls. He said it was funny, how loud and rambunctious they all were. At one point the DJ told the girls to go get their dads for a dance and Lino said that all the girls went running for their dads. How sweet. Maggie and Cassie were extremely excited by the souvenier they received, a crystal rose. They are already talking about next years' dance.
They came home about a half hour early, Cassie wasn't feeling well and Maggie was getting tired. Maggie came down with a double ear infection last Sunday and is on the mend. We had been nearly 6 years without any ear infections, I think that is pretty good. I just feel bad for her, she doesn't like the ear drops, and the drops are making it hard for her to hear us.
Cassie was running a very high fever Friday night into Saturday, and woke up with a sore throat. I took her to the pediatrician and he said it wasn't strep throat. (phew) She spent the weekend just resting. I asked if there were special rates for being in the office 3 times in a week (Maggie on Monday, Nate on Thursday and then Cass on Saturday....). There aren't. The doctor thinks that they will build up a germ immunity by 2nd grade. Fabulous.


Leia said...

How fun is that! I wish we had something like that here - how did the girls do sharing Daddy? :)

Too bad about all the illness. That germ immunity crap is overrated. As an adult, it's fabulous, but I'd rather go through it than my babies!

Lanny said...

Such a beautiful family! We skipped the VDay dance ($25 per person--ouch!), but looking at those pics, I'm kind of wishing we didn't.

Sorry y'all have had the sickies! Hope everyone is on the mend!