Tuesday, September 11, 2007

First post!

I am not new to the idea of blogs. I love to read other peoples'. It is fascinating to be able to peek into someone's life.

I have started this blog as a way to share my joy for sewing. I was fortunate to have been taught by my Aunt (although I still have much to learn). We began my lessons before the girls were born. I have had such fun learning how to sew, and I love to make things for my family and friends. I also have an emboridery machine, and love to make things with that as well.

Now if only I could figure out a way for this hobby to pay for itself! We'll see.

Here is a recent project, baby gifts for Lino's cousins. I made the ribbon blanket, 2 bibs, 4 burp cloths and a blanket.


Leia said...

What a wonderful way to share your gift! :) How did you get her name on there? Do you have an embroidery machine? LOVE those taggie blankets!

boo said...

OMG you are so good!
i want to learn to hand embroider after christmas

Jeannie said...

Yes, I have an embroidery machine. My dad gave it to me for my birthday....I am addicited. It is so much fun.

I would like to learn hand embroidery, though. It would be useful!

zozosmamma said...

Those are beautiful!!!