Sunday, October 21, 2007

No witty comeback....

Yesterday we went to Target. The girls asked for popcorn, so Lino went to get some and the kids and I waited by the dollar spot. As we were waiting (Maggie and Cassie in the shopping cart, Nate asleep in his stroller), he waved at the girls and they waved back. Well, three older ladies (maybe 50-70) were walking by and thought Maggie and Cassie were waving at them and stopped to say hi to them.

Them: "OH, you have your hands full!"

Me: (smiling) "I am very blessed."

They repeated that a couple of times. I hate when people imply that twins and/or 3 kids is such an awful thing. Yes, I am busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. At least they didn't start with the 'double trouble' that people usually say when they see that Maggie and Cassie are twins.

Them: " oh, your hands are full. Are they all yours?"

Me: (thinking WTH??) smile, and say "Yes"

One of the women "And another one on the way, too."

Me: (still smiling, but barely) "Nope"

Her: "OH, you're not pregnant??"

Me: "Nope"

Now, the girls are with me, so its isn't like I can be rude and say, 'Hey, thanks for calling me fat, not once but twice.' But it would have been nice to have some sort of comeback.

Then, one of the women asks if the girls are twins. Yes, I say. She told me she knew it, she could tell. She asked Maggie how old she was. Maggie told her. Then, she asked Cassie how old she was, and honestly seemed surprised that she gave the same answer! "Oh, really?"

Apparently she didn't quite grasp the whole concept of twins.

At this point, I am trying to maneuver the cart and stroller away from there, to get away from the crazy people. I told Lino, and he said I should have said something. Alas, no witty comeback, and we didn't see them again in the store. (Probably a good thing though, because he would have. )


boo said...

ok that is just weird- sounds like maybe the elevator wasnt going to the top floor!
i have all sorts of witty- ok- rude comebacks. but then dh gets irriated if i use them :)
like "i was there when they were born"
or if some one askes if your PG or if they are twins "ahh i think i'd know..." then usually best to walk away- lino would of found you

Lori said...

OK, if you look pregnant, I must look like I'm carrying triplets in my 9th month, LOL!!!

Can you believe that 2X in one day, I had different people ask if my girls were twins...I was like, yah, one is just a foot shorter than the other! Some people don't think! :)

Leia said...

OMG LMAO! I am feeling your pain. How horribly rude!! I have a blinkie that says "If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart." Remember that next time (I'll try to think of a smarty one though!) ;)

We had some weird old lady follow us around Target a few weeks ago. She kept coming WAY too close to Arabella trying to talk to her. I am so un-confrontational though, or I would have asked her to keep her germy face away from my baby!!!

Melissa said...

I never have a comeback, either. When someone asked me how far along I was today and I replied 16 weeks, she looked shocked and said, "With twins, RIGHT??" I wanted to say "Nope, I was just fat to begin with!" LOL

Jeannie said...

Catherine,I just never think of anything in time, lol.

Lori, I do believe that people would think your girls are twins! I figure when Nate gets taller, I will get the triplet question!

Leia, I like that blinkie. I had people take Cassies pacifier out of her mouth when she was little. THAT would drive me crazy!!!

Melissa, don't you just wish people wouldn't say anything? When I was pregnant with the girls,I had someone once ask me how far along I was. I told them 5 months. They gave me this look like I was lying. So I said, I am having tiwns. They were like "of course!" I am thinking, thanks a lot!