Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Where to find time?

There are so many projects in my head...Halloween costumes for the kids, a skirt for me, outfits for the Christmas picture, matching family jammies for Christmas, and other fun things I want to do--sewing and embroidered.

Just a couple of extra hours in the day....when I am not too tired or the kids aren't needing things 'right now'. And when the chores are all done so I don't feel guilty wanting to take over the kitchen with my projects. (If we ever win the lottery, the new/renovated house will have a fabulous sewing/craft room!)

How do people feel about homemade gifts? Do you find them to be special? Would you rather have something store bought? Do you appreciate the time and love that goes into something that is made from hand (either mine or my kids'? )


Leia said...

Homemade is SO meaningful! I cherish the things my grandmothers have made for me, and anything else that my friends have made (like blankets and knitted hats ;) )

I wish I had more time too.....let me know if you find some! ;)

Melissa said...

I know what you mean! I have so many projects I want to do and I just can't find the time! I brought along a bag of fabric I bought last month in hopes that I'll have time in NC next week to make my quilt for my bed that I've wanted so long!

I love homemade gifts. I made lap quilts for the grandparents and nieces/nephews 2 years ago and they all loved them.