Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Flu shots, Bribes, and a PSA

The kids got their flu shots today. I fully expected it to be loud, with tears and crying and screaming. When the girls had their 5 year old checkup, Cassie had the biggest tantrum I have ever seen when she was getting her shots. I was mortified. She was kicking and screaming, literally...I had to physically hold her down.

Well, today I let them know this morning that we had to go after school. They were not thrilled at all. Started to get whiney. When they got home from school Maggie and Cassie informed me that they didn't want to go. Nate told me he didn't have the flu. Sorry kiddos, you still need the shots. If I could get one today, I would too.

I will admit, I have been known to on occasion bribe my children to do what I need to do. Today was one of those days. I told them that if they did well at the doctors (no major meltdowns, etc) then they could have doughnut holes afterwards. Whoever didn't do well-no doughnuts.

They did a great job. Maggie went first. Rolled up her sleeve without hesitation. She started singing the song they learned in school as a distraction, and didn't even notice when she got the shot.

At this point, Nate was starting to cry and Cassie moved behind a chair. I convinced Cassie to go next, as I wasn't sure how long Nate would cry after his shot. Surprisingly, she went next without too much protest. She decided to sing, too, though she definitely noticed when she got the shot. But, no tears, and that was amazing.

Nate was still crying, so I picked him up and held him for his. He stopped crying by the time we left the exam room.

All in all, it went pretty well. And all three got doughnut holes!


A Public Service Announcement about Turn Signals.

I think that I was the only one on the road today to use my turn signals. I know that all the cars have them, it isn't an option. Come on people, use them! They are designed so you don't even have to look for them, or move your hands off the steering wheel! Don't expect my psychic powers to kick in when you decide you want to be in my spot of my lane!

(I know I just used a bunch of exclamation points, but I think they were necessary)

Okay, mini rant done....


Leia said...

I love how you spell donuts....I'm lazy I guess! ;)

Glad all the kids got the vax - may be a nasty winter!

I love it the most when police officers don't use their turn signal. Lovely. People are just so inconsiderate!

Lanny said...

We've got our flu shots scheduled in two weeks. I hope it goes as well as yours! Our ped's office gives them to Mommy too, so I've lucked out. :)

I agree 100% about the turn signals! It's absolutely no effort to use it, so just do it, you know?!?

Lanny said...

Linus lost a bottom tooth, then the top one, then another bottom one. All within a few weeks. I was really surprised the top one came out before the second bottom one.

I haven't seen the reality show, but I guess I need to. :)

Melissa said...

Oh my, mine all got their flu shots today, too. Ethan was BY FAR the worst one of my 3...I'll have to blog about it!