Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Quick assumptions

We had a rough start to our morning today. Cassie stayed in bed a bit longer, which made breakfast take longer so we came down to the wire getting hair brushed and sneakers on for her.

Nate also slept later. He still gets up usually once between going to bed and the alarm clock. We are down to nursing at bedtime and I will nurse him when it is still 'sleep time'. If he doesn't fall back to sleep, then I have to let him know when it is almost time to stop. (Otherwise he could nurse for hours and be fine, but that doesn't work for getting ready for school)

Well, he came into bed with me to snuggy, so I could turn off the alarm when it went off. (Lino was leaving for work). Nate fussed a bit, but is getting used to no drinks/just snuggies. At one point he rolled over and cried that his neck hurt. Well, he finally went back to sleep, and I waited til the last minute to get him ready to go. I figured it was better to let him sleep.....

We are normally the first ones to the bus stop. There is another set of twins (1 st grade) and their dad who get there after us. I think he is a single dad, from observatons and things that he has said. No mention ever of a mom. There is another girl in Maggie and Cassie's class who has started getting the bus at our stop. The mom drives her and sometimes the grandmother walks up (she lives right near us).

So anyhow, we were running late and got there a few minutes before the bus. The other twins were running late and as the bus pulled up I could see them come running from around the corner. As the kids were running to the bus, with the dad walking behind, the little girls grandmother turns to me and says "That is the difference between a mom getting ready and a dad."

:::shakes head::::

I told her, I think he is a single dad..... "Oh" she says, "god bless him then." ?!?

Nate and I left shortly after that, the bus had pulled away and he isn't feeling well. In my head, I am like, 'Listen lady, how dare you judge! I was running late today, and I am the mom. Did you have a snappy comment for your daughter about us? I am sure you could hear Nate crying as we approached the bus stop. Sometimes Lino is able to get all 3 of the kids ready faster than I can. Sometimes not. You have been coming to this stop for what, 4 days, and you are judging a guy you don't know, because they are running a bit late today? '

Ticked me off. I mean, we all run late sometimes. And when you have more than one kid that you are trying to get ready, it can make it a bit tougher. The other twins are always on the bus, and always give their dad a big hug/kiss/ I love you Dad before they go. Don't make a snap comment about Dads not being capable........

And is she judging me on stuff? If she is, I hope she keeps quiet about it, at least to me.......


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Lanny said...

That would annoy me too!
Thanks for the laugh! I'm still giggling over fudgesicle.

Hehe! :)