Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Tuesday.

Well, last week Maggie and Nate decided that they wanted to be a dinosaur and a tiger for Halloween. They saw some sewing patterns that I have, and made up their minds on the spot. Cassie has wanted to be Barbie Mariposa for about a year now, and was confident we could find one in the store.

After the girls got on the bus last Thursday, Nate, Lino and I headed to the fabric store. We found some great deals on fleece and striped fabric. (around $20 for all of it) Saturday we went looking for Cassie's costume. Lino discovered 2 different Mariposa's in the aisle, miraculously both in her size;and they were the only 2 left! Cassie fell in love with one of them, so that solves that.

Head to Target for sparkly pink shoes and then home. Cassie tries on her costume, as soon as she takes it off, it starts to rip. I am pretty confident that I can fix it, but I also offered to make her one, too, now that I know what Mariposa looks like. She wants no part of it. She adores the store bought one, so I will get it all fixed up for Halloween.

I had traced/cut out the patterns and started sewing the dinosaur on Sunday. Made some good progress. The feet had me a bit confused, but Monday I took some time to really figure it out. The instructions weren't super clear, so I was confused on some of the steps. Now that I figured it out, it makes perfect sense! Now I just have to decipher how they say to attach the feet to the legs!

Unfortunately, it took longer than I expected to do the feet, and I am a bit behind. No worries, though, I have 3 days to get them done!

I think when the dinosaur is finished it will look super cute. Maggie tried some of it on so I could measure cuffs, she loves it. She picked the colors, purple body and green spines. I just hope she isn't called Barney all night long!

Yay for the Patriots for holding on and winning! They are faring okay this season, despite all the injuries that have occured.

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Melissa said...

Can't wait to see the results! I've had patterns before where you think "Huh?" because of the really bad directions!