Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

School was closed today, so after the kids ate breakfast we got dressed and walked to our polling place. It was great weather for a walk, and the poll wasn't crowded at all when we got there.

We checked in and the kids picked a booth. I voted for the candidates I believe in, made decisions on local ballot questions and then we submitted my ballot. It was number 208, and that was around 9:10 am or so.

The lady at the scanning machine gave Maggie, Cassie, Nate and I our 'I Voted' stickers. The kids were excited. Then she gave Nate's yellow bear a sticker, too. Yellow Bear wasn't saying who he voted for, though. :)

Lino just called and he is done voting, he went straight from work. During elections, the parking lot right in front of the doors is usually full of candidates and supporters doing last minute campaigning.

At the primary, I felt pressured by a candidate who had a supporter approach me at the door speaking onlyPortuguese to me. Our neighborhood is primarily Portuguese, the polling place is at a church that has a large Portuguese congregation. However, don't assume that I don't speak English. Don't harass me as I walk in to vote.

I called the Secretary of State's office when I got home that day, and he told me by law, candidates, etc are required to be at least 50 feet away from the door. He said if not, report them to a poll worker next time.

Well, when Lino drove in, the main parking lot had supporters, etc. When he parked near the door, he was near a guy who was campaigning, less than 50 feet from the door. He tried to give Lino pamphlets, and when Lino declined, stating that he couldn't evn be that close, the guy was all "Says who?"

Lino stopped in his tracks and told him it was the law. He also told the guy that his candidate just lost a vote. When Lino left the building, he said the guys truck and signs were still parked, but the guy was in a chair far away from the door.

Good for him.

Now we wait for results. I am sure we will be flipping channels, but I like NBC, so we will watch that mostly.

Hope you all voted!

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