Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some sewing!

A few months ago I got a recyclable shopping bag from Target. It was free, a coupon I had filled out. For a free bag, it is pretty nice, canvas (with a big Target symbol embroidered on it), pretty sturdy. I try to remember to take it and another smaller bag with me when we go shopping. (I don't even worry about it being a Target bag at other stores)

Well, the first thing that we said when we got it was "I can make this". I have had the canvas for at least a month now, and finally cut the pieces and put them together. It was my first attempt, and I like it, although, there are a couple of things I would do differently. (I will definitely make more for us and maybe as gifts)

It is a pretty big bag. I don't know how it came out taller than the Target bag, I measured the Target one pretty well. As for the embroidery, I love how it came out, and think it is cute. I did the bag with french seams, which is when you sew the fabric so there aren't any raw edges showing. I did it so the seams would be on the inside. I think the next time, I will do it so they are on the outside. The Target bag has binding over the seams, on the outside, (which would have been faster, but I didn't have any and didn't want to wait to get some!) I don't know if I would use grommets. They seem to be just for looks, and not function.

Today I had the idea to make reusable baggies for the girls' snacks for school. I went to classroom observation on Monday, and while the parents were there, the kids ate snack. Well, if the kids can't open their stuff, the teacher and assistant have to do it, and if you have 20 little kids needing help, that doesn't allow a bunch of time to eat. So, I know now, to send snack in bags/containers the girls can do without help.

This morning, we did little ziplock bags. Both Maggie and Cassie told me they had trouble zipping them shut. And, that is when I thought of doing our own bags. Less work for the teacher, and good for the planet, too!

The purple one was my test one. Very easy to do and I did the french seams on the inside. It sewed up pretty quickly. Approximately 6 inches square. Velcro across the top to close it. The princess one I did for Cassie. That one is a bit bigger, maybe 7 inches square. Also with the french seams and velcro. The purple one is one long piece folded and sewn on 2 sides. Cassie wanted Sleeping Beauty on both sides, which is why it is bigger. Hers is sewn on 3 sides, as I had to cut the fabric differently.

I am definitely going to do more, I just ran out of velcro. I need to go to Joanns anyway, I broke 2 sewing needles doing the canvas bag. We also need to pick out fabric for our family Christmas jammies.


Lanny said...

I love the canvas bag and the snack bags! I'm a little disheartened with L's school when it comes to snack and lunch. We are supposed to send two napkins for snack (in a brown lunch bag, no exceptions) and two napkins with lunch. This seems sooooo wasteful to me. :( I'd much rather have snack bags like you made!

Leia said...

Wow that sucks Jen! What a waste! Dee takes her own wash cloth to wipe her hands and she knows not to throw it odd!

Jeannie those canvas bags are amazing! You are such the seamstress - are you going to sell those? Especially with custom embroidery, they'd go like hotcakes I bet!