Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day trips and viruses

We have been having a good summer vacation. The rain finally made room
for some sun, and we had great weather the week Lino was on vacation.
He was off the week after 4th of July, and the parade was a great way
to start it off.

We went to the zoo on the 5th. They were having a butterfly exhibit
and Lino got some amazing pictures. They also added an anteater to the
zoo. I have never seen one before..... What a bizarre looking animal.

We had fun at the library, we signed the girls up for a reading
program/contest. They pledged to read and report on 5 books by August
7th. Maggie and Cassie also got their very own library cards. They
were super excited about that.

Tuesday was a gray and rainy day, so we spent it at home.

Wednesday we went to the Providence Childrens Museum. It was our first
time going, and the kids (and us) had a blast! We will definitely be
going back. There was a water room with these gigantic (room sized)
tubs for the kids to do water experiments with. There was a music/art
room that had a huge light bright board, at least three feet tall. I
want one, LOL. There was a costruction zone, a blocks zone anatomy
zone and cultural history area. Lots of fun..

Thursday we went up to Storyland with our neighbors. It is in Glen,
NH. It is a theme park geared towards kids, very mild rides. Lino has
a roller coaster buddy now. Maggie loved the rides ( especially the
roller coaster and flume ) that let's me off the hook for roller
coasters. Cassie preferred the less fast rides. Both girls were
extremely excited to have their picture taken with Cinderella. We
asked Nate if he wanted his picture taken with the princess. He said
'No,princesses are for girls.' so instead we had him stand by some
suits of armor. We are already planning to go back next year, and we
will spend a night or two to really make the drive worth it.

Friday we visited my dad. I wound up napping there, so I don't really
know all that went on. :) we did go to a townie breakfast place that
morning and had the biggest breakfasts ever. We had to take the kids
and my leftovers home. Apparently the cook who was on that day likes
to feed people. Lino, Maggie and Nate had pancakes that were the size
of salad plates, Cassie's French toast was at least 2 - 2 1/2 inches
thick. My 3 egg omellette weighed at least a pound. Best $40 we have
spent in a while.

We finished the week at the Newport Kite Festival. Lino and I have
driven by it years ago, but this was our first time there. Simply
amazing. It was so near to see all the different kites, and they had
people come from all over to do tricks and shows. We even brought our
kites, and after flying them foe a bit, anchored them in the ground
and watched it all whole we picniced and enjoyed the day.

So, where are the pictures from all of this fun you ask? We did
remember the camera. I was able to get some of them uploaded to
Facebook. Sadly our computer got slammed with a really bizarre virus
and we are currently hunting for the best price to either fix it or
get our pictures and some other files off of it ( Best Buy wants $200
to remove the virus. The bargain hunter in me is in search of a better

Thank goodness I can still get online with my iPod. The only bummer is
that I can only read, not post on BabyCenter. :(

Wow, this turned out lengthy. Hi to any of my Babycenter workout
friends who read this ( do any of them read this?) ::waving::


Astrid said...

Yuck on viruses!! Hope that you get back soon!

We've never been to Storyland, but were thinking about going... I'm thinking Santa's Village might be a better (and less expensive) choice. Thoughts?

Leia said...

Oh a virus - sucky! I love those breakfast places that serve huge food - it's so much yummier for some reason! :)

Lanny said...

I don't know if you saw my post on babycenter, but you can post...
go to settings, then safari, then turn off your javascript.

I miss seeing you over there!

Anonymous said...

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