Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Is it Summer yet?

Well, June was a complete wash. The end of May got a bit busy, then I had a particularly craptacular week to finish May. We then started June off with a weird and pretty evil virus that lasted about 2 weeks. Maggie and Cassie were hit the hardest, they each had high fevers for nearly two weeks, and with 11 days of school to go, had their first absences of the year. And this past Monday, I woke up with pinkeye. Ugh. Knock wood, the kids and Lino don't have it and I hope they don't get it, either.

Luckily, they were well enough to attend school for the last 3 days, and one of those days was a little class performance. Lino wasn't able to get the day off so we went and got a little flip video camera, and as soon as I figure out how to get the video from the camera to the computer and blog, I will post it. Cassie was very, very nervous about the performance, she cried before going to school and when Nate and I got there the teacher told us she was having a tough time and didn't want to do her part (holding a prop) She did stand up with the resst of the class, though she turned around so she didn't see the audience for most of it. (Lino thinks it is because I was taping, but I don't know) Maggie and the other kids did a great job, it is neat to see how they have all grown since the first day of school.

So, school is out and we are just waiting for the sun to be out for more than one day at a time. It has rained for most of the past month or so, which is really starting to get old. I suppose that one nice thing about rain is that occasionaly you get to see a rainbow. Well, there was one evening Lino called us all outside, there was a full arc rainbow that we could see from the house. There was also a half of a rainbow above that and very faintly there was a third one right underneath the full one. The colors were so bright on the full one, it was really amazing. Unfortunately, the pictures I got didn't do it justice.

The left side of the full one was so vivid. Shame I don't have mad photography skills.

A bit of fun we did manage to eek out during June. My friend Lori runs a book club for her daughters and their friends. The book club has an adorable mascot named Penelope. Well, Penelope wanted to go on vacation so Lori has been sending her around to her computer friends. She came to visit us so we could show her RI and MA. Unfortunately the evil sickness hit us the day after Penelope's arrival, so we couldn't do nearly as much as I wanted to. I did drag the kids out to the Hasbro toy company headquarters in Pawtucket, RI.

A few years back there was an art project that involved designing giant Mr. Potato Head statues and they appeared all over the state. Naturally the company headquarters would have the original potato. I believe that the other statues were eventually sold on ebay for charity.

Del's Lemonade is a fun yummy summertime treat. It started in RI and has branched out to other states. Frozen lemonade---mmmm. Penelope was getting thirsty.

Hopefully if Penelope comes to visit us again we will be healthy and able to take her to more places.

That is it for now. I hope I don't let it go so long in between posts....


Leia said...

LOVE that rainbow! Delphina asked me the other day if rainbows were real and if I had ever seen one. So I grabbed her quick and showed her your photo - she wondered if you found the pot of gold :)

Lori said...

Ugh! I'm sorry about all the sickies and rain. But I would take some of that rain in a heartbeat if I could. We have had NONE. I love the pictures of the rainbow, gorgeous! Thanks for showing Penelope a good time. She is still talking about it. LOL

Wendy said...

What a pretty rainbow. Glad that you are all feeling better again. Hopefully it will warm up soon and feel like summer in the N.E.