Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jammie pants are finished!

Hooray! I finished the jammie pants with only a few snags. The girls pants wound up being really big. I was surprised by that but decided not to cut them down a size. I figured I could just double up on the cuff and then they could get an extra year from them. Sounds easy, but the extra fabric made it bulky and I kept getting wrinkles as I would sew.

I had thought ahead and was using a basting stitch (figuring it would be easier to let out next year), thankfully, because I had to redo the cuffs on Maggie's pants no less than 6 times! (I love my seamripper, lol) Cassie's weren't as bad.

Nate still wouldn't try his on, so I measured his from another pair of jammies. (Sneaky mama...)

So now I am just trying to figure out what kind of design to do on the shirts.

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boo said...

lets see some pictures!!! :D