Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas gifties

So the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas seemed to disappear, and I wound up doing sewing right up until the last minute!

I think they all turned out cute though, and my dad's reaction to the shirts I made him was worth it. I just wish I could take better pictures, bad lighting.

I did three bears for baby cousins. They are a furry fleece with safety eyes/noses stuffed with polyester fiberfill and tied with a grosgrain ribbon. Oh my goodness, this fabric shed everywhere when I cut it! I swear, when I was done sweeping the fuzzies, it looked as though I had just given a dog a haircut! These came out so soft and cuddly. It is the same pattern I did for Nate, but I was able to shape the features better as I sewed. I also pinned better, and that makes a huge difference.

Some crayon totes and rolls for little girl cousins (These have been done for a while) Recycled denim with cotton fabric, and gros grain ribbon on the rolls. I also put a little pad of paper in the on the go!

My dad and the kids have a running joke about a penguin that lives at his, this is for that. These pillowcases got a raised eyebrow, but I still think they are cute. Cotton/poly fabric.

A nod to Monty Pythons Search for the Holy Grail. This is on a hooded sweatshirt for my sister. She seemed to like it when she opened it. Pillowcases for my sister. She can play a ton of instruments, so I thought these would be nice. The music notes is cotton, the rest cotton/poly blend.

I did these for my dad and Nate. My dad is a little brother, and he is always giving me a hard time about not letting Nate do/have something because he's a little brother. So, he's been there, done that and now he has the shirt! Unfortunately, the picture of his reaction is a bit dark. I think he really liked them, though. He showed them to a neighbor that dropped by. He is so hard to get gifts for, but I think this was a good one!

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Leia said...

WOW! I cannot believe those bears! They are so cute! You are awesome!

I love all the family gift ideas and their meanings - I think those are the best gifts!