Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My little artist

So I just emailed these to Lino at work. He had been meaning to take them in, but they have been hanging on the fridge for a few weeks now.

Maggie drew these 2 pictures of his work. The Container Store (where he works) is one of 3 stores in one big building. His store, a sandwich place and a Ben & Jerry's

Notice in the first one he has a belly button? I love when she gives us all belly buttons!

After she did the first one, she decided it wasn't right, so did this one with the sun and flowers.

I was amazed at her details, with the shop signs.

I just love watching when the kids draw stuff. It is so neat to see their creativity in progress!

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Leia said...

WOW Maggie! Those are great drawings! Delphina just started drawing details like glasses and hats and I think it's so cool to watch that develop. I don't think she's drawn a belly button though! ;)