Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The day after. (part 1)

Fabulous Christmas had by all. After a busy few days, today we just relaxed today and I tried to find a place for all of the new stuff. (we were running out of room for the old stuff, I have no idea how I am going to fit in all the new stuff!)
Christmas eve was spent first at Lino's parents then we went to his Aunt and Uncle's house for dinner. The kids loved the toys that Grandma and Grandpa gave them. (Nate opened his later, he actually fell asleep while we were there)

Can you see Maggie's face? She is super excited about her new TRex Mountain with lots of dinosaurs! Cassie was just as excited about her new Disney Princess nursery (although, she needed convincing that it didn't come with a baby princess doll)

This was Nate at my inlaws house. He even slept while I put his coat on and buckled him into his seat.
Playing with cousin Leo and Leo's trains! Leo is just a couple of weeks older than Nate. We usually only get to see Fernando, Vanessa and their kids at Christmas. We love hanging out with them! Wish that they lived closer. Cassie had a great time 'playing' with baby Carma. She is just so cute! Both girls asked Vanessa if they could hold her, and Vanessa said yes...

Cassie really liked holding her.

And Maggie's turn.

Poor Leo was getting sooo tired, and decided he wanted his trains back. Nate gave a couple back, but while Fernando was talking to Leo, Nate walked away with the train in his hand....(he did give it back, and Leo and his trains went to bed)

Hmm, I didn't get any pictures with Vanessa in them!

We left shortly after that and went home to read Twas the Night Before Christmas by the tree and set out cookies for Santa.

.....more pictures to follow. This post is really long.....


Leia said...

Merry Christmas! What a beautiful little baby! Is she your niece?

I'm glad everyone enjoyed their gifts - poor little Nate must have been pooped! :) I totally KWYM about finding a place for the new stuff. We didn't even get very much new stuff, but our house was full as it was...

Arabella does not want to sleep (it's 11:52PM), can I FedEx her your way?

Jeannie said...

Merry, merry to you too!

No, baby Carma is Lino's cousins' baby. Lino is an only. Cassie kept the baby entertained through out dinner, which Vanessa really liked!