Sunday, May 3, 2009


We didn't have too much planned for today, just some minor errands. I am currently waiting to see if the Motrin helps Maggie's neck. Apparently she was trying to do a handstand and Nate bumped her and when she got up she hurt her neck. (that was the best info I could get from her)

She is able to move all her parts, though she said it hurts to look all the way up to the ceiling and all the way left. If the Motrin doesn't make things better in an hour we will be heading to the Urgent Care place.


A cute kidism from last week. We were running errands on Lino's day off and had stopped at McD's for lunch. As we were leaving and backing out of the parking space, a girl backed out too, and the cars bumped. Lino was clear before he went, so we figure she didn't see us. (and not her first time, too, as evidenced by the other dents on her back bumper).

Anyhow, Lino called the police to file an accident report for the insurance companies. As we were waiting, Maggie says "I hope we don't get arrested" I laughed, and said "No, honey, we won't get arrested" She says. "Oh. Well I hope we aren't on TV"

Apparently we have had COPS on too many times.


Leia said...

You should get Maggie to a massage therapist - I could fix that.... :( Poor thing!

LOL at the car bangup! I had a lady back into me at a STOP LIGHT a few years ago!! She stopped too far out and didn't care to look in her mirror...she actually tried to tell the police that I bumped into her! There were witnesses...geez!

Lanny said...

Oh no! I hope her neck feels better soon!

Ha ha about Cops! We nearly had a back-up incident Friday. Why can't people look before they back up?