Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

My morning routine was all out of whack today. Cassie was mad about the color of her shirt and really stalled getting ready. Get back from the bus stop and Nate wanted to try and go potty. Yay, I am really glad he wanted to try. However, after nearly an hour of sitting and a full glass of water later, no results. That's okay, buddy, you can try again later. And, yes, about 10 minutes after he was back in a diaper, he peed.

Nate has a music class on Wednesday mornings, and because he was trying the potty, I didn't have time to do my workout before hand. I had to wait until after we got the girls off the bus. So, I feel off kilter today.

There is a big PTO meeting tonight. Voting for next year's board members will be held. There is a lot of drama involving the current VP trying to oust the existing baord so that she doesn't have to answer to anyone about spending the funds. I have been nominated for VP to try and prevent the ousting of a great board. Our PTO does some great things for the kids, it will be a shame if this mutiny happens.

The sun has been out for a bit today. I am hoping to finally get the seedlings transplanted. I will try to remember to take pics of that exciting project :) !

PS~~ Yay for Maine for passing a same sex marriage bill today. And, New Hampshire might pass one too. That leaves RI as the only state in New England to not have adjusted its laws to allow love to be equal. (I just wrote the Senate President to ask why nothing has passed yet. We'll see if she responds)

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