Tuesday, May 5, 2009

P is for Potty

We had some minor success today. Nate peed in the potty for the very first time! He has been more than slighlty resistant to trying to go in the little potty. We wound up buying a padded seat that fits on top of the regular potty for him to sit on.

I missed an opportunity yesterday for him to poop on the potty, but today was determined to get something.

So, 30 minutes or so in the bathroom, singing silly songs, a cup of apple juice and the iPod playing games, and Yay! He peed. He was so, so excited to draw a smiley face on his potty chart. Then, we called Lino at work so Papa could say Great Job. For us, his first potty chart has 8 boxes on it. A pee gets one happy face, poop gets 2. Once he fills that chart, we will get him a small prize and do a chart with more boxes.

I have mentioned before, how I am not opposed to bribing my children in certain instances. This first potty occasion was one of them. When we were trying to talk Nate into even trying, we told him for his very first time we would take him (right away) to get an ice cream. Well, the other day one of the girls mentioned Chuck E Cheese, so....you guessed it-despite my efforts to talk him back into Friendly's, we wound up at Chuckies. The kids had fun though. The girls were super cute, when they got home Nate told them his news and they both gave him huge hugs and were just as excited for him as I was.

I know it is just a first step. About 20 minutes after he went, he pooped in his diaper while I was doing my workout. It is progress, though and I will take it.

My big plans for sewing today, didn't happen. (due to our unexpected field trip) I need to make a prototype book bag for a school program (due tomorrow night, so I will have to get that done) , I have the girls outfits, Nate's shirt and my skirt to finish. Those are all on the to do now list. Then, there is the list of things I would like to do: more things for Etsy (tote bags, crayon bags, crayon rolls, baby things, etc...endless actually), some stuffed bears to donate to a shelter that takes in victims of sexual/domestic abuse, and some other things that I have seen in my sewing magazines....a never ending list of want to do's.

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Leia said...

Don't you love potty training....ugh, I'm so over it! Go Nate go!

That's a great list of things you are sewing - and what a nice cause to donate to!