Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Training

We had quite a day today. In our attempts to get Nate to go on the potty, I wound up keeping him diaperless for nearly the whole day. Nate added 3 more smiley faces to his potty chart! All were for pees, though we were really hoping for a poop. And the first one was just lucky. He was really excited each time, and tried his best. Tomorrow we will try again - I think that pantsless is the way to go though.

I am still doing my Shreds. Lino tried it with me yesterday-he thinks he should have started with a level 1, LOL. The past few days, my eating has been horrible. I think it may be PMS, but goodness...it has been hard to keep it in chuck.

Still have sewing to do, but that is a given. :)

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Lanny said...

Peace to you and to Nate. Potty training is so hard for everyone involved.