Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Alarm clocks.

We recently bought a new alarm clock. It is a bit high tech, in that it has 2 alarm settings, each with their own off button. The snooze feature can be activated by pushing a button, or by merely putting your hand in front of the clock.

It makes me nervous.

Why would an alarm clock make anyone nervous? Well, the clock is kept on my nightstand. Apparently I have ninja like reflexes when it comes to shutting off alarm clocks So quick, that Lino doesn't even hear the alarm. Which is bad, since he is the one who gets up with it! With the old clock, after I hit snooze, I would just keep my hand right over the button while falling back to sleep, continuing to push snooze until Lino got up. There have been occasions where he has gotten up late due to my ninja like skills.

I can't keep my hand near the new clock, I am afraid it won't go off at all! The two alarms is a nice feature, though I haven't needed mine yet. Lino is up for work before the girls need to get up, so I don't really fall back to sleep.

We'll see how it goes.


Lori said...

Jeannie, I'm just like you - the alarm barely goes off and I'm slapping the snooze button. Dennis is the opposite, half the time I have to kick him to turn it off, which drives me nuts b/c it wakes the girls sometimes. I think I've used my alarm clock 4 times in the last 5 years though. But now, with school, I think I should set it just in case!

Hope yours works well for you.

Leia said...

We each have our own alarm clock, because Ryan doesn't like my approach (1 snooze and you're up). He prefers an hour of snoozing (no joke) before he gets up. Drives me bananas. Hope your Ninja arm behaves in the night! ;)

Dawn said...

I used to have to keep pushing the snooze alarm until finally I got sick of it and kicked Marcel out of bed. :p He's better now. My alarm clock is him calling me at 7:00 every morning, since he's already left for work!