Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Monday

WooHoo Patriots! It was a good game yesterday. They played the Jets (who have Brett Favre now) and without Tom Brady it did seem as though it was not going to be pretty.

Well, Matt Cassel did okay! It was his first start in a game since pressure or Patriot Nation held its breath. The rest of the team did a great job. Favre got sacked more than once. Poor guy. Final score was 19-10, which brings the Pats to 2-0 for the season.

The girls came home from school today with homework! They have a homework folder and a chart that I need to sign off on. The teacher included a note explaining the grading system and expectations. I want the girls to get into a good routine with homework, so I let them unwind for aobut a half hour, then we shut the tv off and they did their work while I made lunch. The hardest part was keeping Nate from distracting them!

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Leia said...

What kind of homework? We haven't had any!