Friday, September 5, 2008

Kids are cute.

After Nate and I returned from the bus stop this morning, he watched (for the 4th morning this week) Backyardigans Mighty Knights while I caught up on headlines.

At one point he came over to me and we were talking and this is how it ended:

Me: "Okay, buddy, Mama has to go do some chores and make my list"

Nate: (in a small whisper) "For Santa?"

He cracks me up. I wish it was a Santa list. Just a to do list. Then he was all "I just kidding Mama"

Maggie and Cassie had another good day at school. I had been wondering how long we would go before any sickie germs came home. We have been pretty lucky, they are 5 and very rarely get sick. (knock on wood) Well we are at the end of week 2, and Cassie has a very barky cough and a slightly elevated (for her) temp. I still had her go this morning (was that bad? I didn't think she was bad enough to not go.) It isn't a constant cough, but she coughed once in bed and once while getting ready. I am just glad that it is the weekend so she can rest up. I added another gallon of orange juice to my grocery list, though. Every little bit in the germ fight helps.

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