Sunday, September 21, 2008

If it is Sunday, it is Football Day

I suppose that if the Patriots are going to lose a game this season, it is better that it is a game during regular season, and not one in the post season.

I can't believe how many times the Pats let the Dolphins score. I called my sister and asked her if this is how other teams fans feel all the time. But, it is just one game, and hopefully they will come back and be fired up next week.

I had a good computer day today. I finally figured out how to get a template on both my blog and my myspace. Yay. Considering I am not that computer code savvy, I think this is pretty good. I don't know that I love this template, but now that I know how to do it, it should be easy to switch.


Lanny said...

Please tell your girls thank you. Linus was SO happy! :) Look for a return soon.

Pop was our babysitter's husband. He's been like a grandfather to Linus since she was one day shy of four weeks old. He passed away suddenly this summer. I still haven't told her about my friend. I'll have to soon though because I know we'll be getting together with her family.

Emily said...

At least your not a Rams fan.....AY YI YI....

Leia said...

Great new blog layout! Pretty!

As a Dolphins fan, I can honestly say I just about fell off my chair when they won? Especially against the Patriots. Hello? What the heck was that? We suck!