Thursday, September 4, 2008

PTO and a Brave Moment

I attended my very first PTO meeting last night. Lino stayed home with the kids, I wasn't sure how long the meeting would be and I didn't want the girls up too late on a school night. (I got home 1 1/2 hours after their bedtime!) He wants to be involved too, which is great. Next month we will all go (they have highschool kids earning service hours by watching the little kids) and if it runs late, one of us will leave early. The school is within walking distance from the house, so no problems.

I really enjoyed the meeting. The women that are on the board are very nice, very funny, and all about improving the school for the kids. There is a book fair coming up that I will help out with. (I can't wait....I love book fairs!) They are also looking for ways to raise money to get new books for the school library....apparently some of the books have pages that fall right out! I have such a passion for children's books. My mom was a book person....we were raised with books and a love of reading. I plan to be very involved with all things library/book related!

Lino had some great ideas that expanded on what one of the women thought of, so she is excited for his help too. He is such a great salesperson, and is able to see things from a business' perspective, so I think if they listen to his ideas (let him/us help organize it) I think we will be able to accomplish a lot!

One of the things that the PTO is doing at the school is family movie night. Through the boxtops program, they raised enough money to buy movie equipment and a license to show a movie once a month for the families at the school. Popcorn is included, bring our own beverages. When I asked about the oil that the popcorn will be made with, they had no issue at all with checking (they emailed me last night) and will even put a note on the flyer about food allergies for those who bring their own snacks. It is nice to not have to battle to have people understand.....


On a different note: isn't it amazing how being a parent makes you brave? Before I had children, I would call Lino at work if I discovered a spider or a bug bigger than an ant. Seriously, they freak me out and I cannot stand bugs. At all.

However, not wanting to pass along my fear to the kids, if they are around when I find one, I only freak out on the inside. Last summer, I got a jar for Lino to put the cricket in (ick ick was in my house!) and we had a lesson about it. We learned from wikipedia that it was a girl, and depending on what culture it was either good luck or bad luck. (That day it was good luck!)

Today, Nate and I discovered a pretty big spider in a bucket in our breezeway. (EWWWW!) However, rather than have a freakout, I showed Nate and took pictures instead. Then quickly released it into the bushes in our front yard. (Near the street, not the house) Before kids I would have drowned the spider in whatever cleaning product I could reach and then put the whole bucket in the trash!

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Leia said...

Did you really have to post a photo of the little guy? **shiver** I'm glad you are braver. I probably am too, but only with blood, not bugs!

Great job getting involved with your school!