Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fevers, voting and football

Cassie is on the mend. Her temp has been pretty close to normal, she still has a cough though. She is back to her usual happy self, just with the cough. . Maggie never really got sick, just slightly elevated temp and that is it. I was fully expecting her to get the "spots" that she gets when a cold is in the house, but so far she is spot free. (The mysterious rash that the doctor always deems as just a "rash") Nate is currently in battling the fever stage. I think it peaked last night, though. He wasn't happy about getting medicine before bed. I hoped it would help him sleep better, but he was up around midnight wide awake.

I didn't sleep well as a result. But then woke up at 4:37 and woke Lino. I have no idea if the alarm did or didn't go off at 3:55.....I don't remember moving to shut it off (and I am still getting used to the buttons, so I really don't think it is my fault....) I feel bad, though. Lino hates getting up in a super rush for work.

No school for the kids today. It is primary day, so later on we will go for a walk to go vote. There are only 2 democrats running for mayor, so whoever wins today will be the mayor. They have run against each other before, each having won. I like some of the things the current mayor has done. Not a fan of some of his ideas for the future, though. The opponent was mayor before we moved here, though I am not sure what he has done.

Our across the street neighbor is running for town council. We might be inclined to vote for him if he would ever say hello. He occasionally will wave if we are outside, but he has never had a full on conversation with either Lino or I.

And football. I love football season! To quote one of the sports guys, the Patriots' 1 game losing streak is over. Yay. You probably could have heard the collective Patriot Nation stop breathing though, 7 minutes into the game......Brady is going to be out for the rest of the season. UGH. I hate watching knee injuries happen during games. They always look so painful.

I have faith, though, that the Patriots will be able to persevere and still go out and play the best football that they can, and win most of their games. The schedule seems to be an easy one, so we will see. (Although next week is Favre and the Jets) I think that Bill Belichek is a brilliant coach, and there is still an entire team consisting of some very, very good players. Wishing a good recovery for Brady.

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Melissa said...

Jeannie, I got the taggie blanket yesterday-adorable as always!!! I know my aunt will LOVE it! Thank you for always doing the best and cutest work!