Friday, September 12, 2008


The kids seem to be mostly over the cold. I am almost over it and Lino has it now. UGH. I don't like being sick. Luckily Lino had the day off yesterday, when I was feeling awful, so I was able to rest. Lino has tomorrow off, so maybe he can get some rest, too.

On Wednesday, Nate went to his very first music and movement class. I thought it would be cute for him, give him something different to do while the girls are in school. He did really well, he wasn't shy at all. He is the youngest of the kids, but I don't think that will matter. The man who taught it reminded me of one of my uncles. So, that will occupy our Wednesday mornings for the next 2 months.

Tonight the PTO is hosting Family Movie Night at the school. We will be watching Camp Rock. I hope Lino feels well enough to attend. Maggie and Cassie are very excited about it. They watched the movie a couple of weeks ago at my aunts house and liked it.

Have you been watching America's Got Talent this season? Lino and I watch. There are some very talented acts this year. I am really impressed by Eli Mattson . To listen to him sing and play the piano, it is breathtaking. It is as though you can see his soul while he sings. Really, really good. If he doesn't win, I really hope he gets a record deal.

Nate is particularly taken with a little girl who made it to the finals. She is 4 and sings. It is so funny, he will stop whatever he is doing to watch her. The other night he fell asleep early and missed it, so I kept it on DVR so he could watch.

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