Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fighting a Fever

It is official. We went 7 days before one of the girls got sick. It doesn't surprise me, as they weren't really ever exposed to many germs.

Cassie has been battling a high fever (up to 102. something) , a stuffy and sometimes runny nose, a barky cough, sleepiness and just general blahs. She gets upset when we make her take tylenol. We tried the chewable/dissolvable ones, she says they taste funny. It was either those, or I have to hold her down to get the infant dropper in her mouth twice.

Maggie had an elevated temp, but nothing over 100. Nate took a sip of Cassie's orange juice before we could stop him this morning, so I am just waiting for him to get sick.

I just hope that it all passes before Monday....that way no school is missed.

*** A bit of info for the next part:

Ours is a no hitting household. We don't do hits/kicks/real bites/pinches, etc. It isn't nice. The only time that hitting, etc is allowed is if you are in danger. All 3 of the kids seem to grasp that concept, which is good.

Okay, a fly had gotten into the house yesterday afternoon. I wasn't able to get it. This morning, it was really beginning to tick me off, following me around, almost mocking me when I would miss it.

Well, I was finally able to get it. Old school style with the dishtowel snap. I even yelled "gotcha". Nate then told Lino that "Mama hitted the fly. Hitting isn't nice". To which Lino responded, "No, hitting isn't nice at all"

Thanks. After a few minutes of Nate telling me hitting isn't nice, Lino explained that it was okay to get the fly.

Tropical storm Hanna hasn't really been an issue for us. It is steamy and rainy but nothing truly bad. Which is good. I am ok with not losing electricity and having flooding and all of that.

The Patriots have their first game of the season tomorrow. Go team!! Have to get the kids used to Mama having football on the big tv on game day! They can watch their stuff in the family room!


Lanny said...

Poor Cassie! Em's home today with 102. Ugh!

That's cute about the fly! :)

Lori said...

I love kid stories like your fly story! Too cute.

I hope the girls are better today. It took us 2 days of school and someone got sick...but it was The girls are fine. That's just not fair, lol. But really, better me than them.

We just got about 3-4 inches of rain during Hanna and a little wind too.

Oh, and holy cow...what are the Pats going to do w/o Tom???? I hope Belichick comes out today and says he's fine, they were just teasing the media with the ACL stuff...ugh!